AccuLaser Wellness Programs, LLC
Don't just treat the habit, beat the habit with AccuLaser Wellness.
AccuLaser Wellness

AccuLaser is the successful fusion of the ancient art of 'acupuncture' with today's high tech and modern science of soft laser'. AccuLaser with its soft laser will have you on your way to healthier life style in just 1 hours or less.

• Learn how to beat the smoking habit (very high success rates)
• Lose weight the easy way (8-12 pounds per month on average)
• Overcome Stress
• Control Drugs and Alcohol, don't let them control you

Features and Benefits

• Unbeatable success rates
• One hour appointments
• Private and Confidential
• Painless and drug free
• Certified Laser Technicians
• On-going support
• Quit smoking
• Lose weight fast
• And no more smoking period!
AccuLaser Wellness Programs, LLC
1644 Liberty Street SE
Salem , OR 97302
(503) 371-6030

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